A Vision Of Ourselves: LGBTQ Inclusive Curricula

LGBTQ students regularly report that there is little that is as important to their vision of themselves as seeing LGBTQ+ people represented in their studies. Whether in history courses, literature, as part of the biographic profile of a scientist, or the subject matter in artwork, students need to see that people like them made it into adulthood, successfully, and are part of our common history. To that end, MIB4Y is seeking volunteers to assist in the creation of an LGBT inclusive curriculum model to be used in New Jersey schools.

Our first Summit in March of 2018 was a success, and with the recent passage of Inclusive Curriculum bills in both the NJ Senate and Assembly, we are poised to see LGBTQ Inclusive Curriculum become a reality.

If you are a NJ educator, curriculum writer/developer, or administrator passionate about the addition of LGBT inclusive curriculum in the following subject areas: English, History, Social Studies, World Language, Arts, Sciences, Math and Health/Sex education, we are seeking you as a volunteer to work with us. NOTE: Spots for our first work retreat are currently nearly full; please know that there are other work sessions which will be planned and we still need you! Do fill out the form and we will be in touch!

Please fill out this form to signal your interest, and we will be in touch with you.