Our Mission

The Monmouth County Consortium for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer and Questioning Youth is a non-profit organization of concerned and determined educators, community leaders, arts and cultural organizations, businesses and individuals who are are pooling resources and ideas to make it better with education, outreach, and social opportunities for our LGBTQ youth.

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A Vision of Ourselves: LGBTQ Inclusive Curriculum

LGBTQ Inclusive education is more than celebrating one day, one person, or one event. For far more than a decade, national and state level professional educational organizations, gender and sexuality focused advocacy groups, and educational leaders have called for more LGBTQ inclusion in public education. From teacher training (pre-service) to professional development, the impact of educators on the outcomes of their students has been a topic of study and increasing focus. With regards to gender, race and ethnicity, we know that seeing oneself positively contributes to greater likelihood of positive outcomes.

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GAYLA! May 19th at The Vogel in Red Bank!