Professional Development

Make it Better for Youth provides professional development and consulting services to schools and other organizations whom seek to develop foundations for sustainable inclusive educational practices. Primarily focused on practices and resources to comply with the NJ LGBTQ Inclusive Curriculum mandate, our trainings are not narrowly applicable, and can be used to broaden inclusive practices with regards to racial, ethnic, and cultural inclusivity.

We deliver traditional half and full day presentations as well as small group partnerships where we focus on responsive feedback, answers to questions, and guided creation of lessons or other critical educational documents and practices.

Outside of one-time PD, our coaching model is central to the success of LGBTQ inclusive approaches. Our team can work with district identified small groups to develop workable understanding of inclusive educational approaches and provide ongoing, practical support. At this time, all of our support is remote and provided through phone, email, and video conferencing services.

Teams we work with:

  • Administration
  • Classroom teachers and paras
  • Support staff (librarians, nurses, secretaries)
  • Student Wellness (SAC, guidance, nurses)
  • Extracurricular staffing (clubs, coaches)

Professional Development and Coaching covers:

  • Supporting teachers with developing inclusive pedagogical practices
  • Practical and tangible professional development in amending/writing lessons, content and texts
  • Educating and responding to school community
  • Developing district practices and accountability 

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