Links and document resources from MIB4Y and their partners

This is a “quick start” list of resources and not in any way exhaustive. Many of these links also lead to further resources and information. If you already work with or happen to find great resources, please share! (And we apologize for the temporary messiness of this page…)


Lesson Planning Resources from NJ Department of Education Statewide Conference: Equity for All

LGBTQ Inclusive Lesson Plan Template

Sample ELA Lesson Plan Gr 6-8

Sample Lesson HS social studies

Transformative pedagogy – Banks

Cultural Competencies by domain

General Resources

Book lists: 


High School

Middle School

Elementary School

Making Caring Common (Harvard)

The New Teaching Tolerance Best Practices (2018)

Live Out Loud

Schools in Transition (Human Rights Campaign)

Resource Library (ACLU)

NJ DOE Documents


No Name Calling Week (January)

LGBTQ Pride Month is celebrated each year in the month of June to honor the 1969 Stonewall riots in Manhattan. The Stonewall riots were a tipping point for the Gay Liberation Movement in the United States.

LGBTQ History Month  is a month-long celebration that is specific to the United States, the United Kingdom and Canada. In the United States and Canada, it is celebrated in October to coincide with National Coming Out Day on October 11.


NJ LGBTQ Organizations

GLSEN Central Jersey


Bayard Rustin Center

Garden State Equality

Q Spot

The Pride Center of NJ


Gay Activist Alliance in Morris County

Southern NJ LGBTQA Pride

ELA Resources and Text Suggestions

The Rainbow Book List (American Library Association)

Megan McCaffrey (mostly middle and high school level)

Reading the Rainbow, Cynthia L. Ryan and Jill M. Hermann-Wilmarth Grades 4-12

The Misfits, James Howe Grades 4-8

The House You Pass on the Way, Jacqueline Woodson Grades 4-12

What if it’s Us, Becky Albertalli and Adam Silvera Grades 9-12

About Chris, Nina Benedetto Grades K-5

This Book is Gay, Juno Dawson Grades 8-12

Better Nate than Ever, Tim Federel Grades 4-6

Star-Crossed, Barbara Dee Grades 4-6

The Boy in the Dress, David Williams Grades 1-8

Parrotfish, Ellen Wittlinger Grades 6-12

Willa Cather (9-12)

Covering: The Hidden Assault on Our Civil Rights, Kenji Yoshino Grades 11-12

Princess Princess Ever After, Katie O’Neill Grades 1-8

Stonewall, Ann Bausum Grades 7-12

What Was Stonewall? Nico Medina Grades 2-6

Becoming Jazz, Jazz Jennings

The Other Boy, M.G. Hennessey

George, Alex Gino (This one is about a 4th grader, so better for younger middle school kids)

Gracefully Grayson, Ami Polonsky

Lily and Dunkin, Donna Gephart

If I Was Your Girl, Meredith Russo (trangender protagonist and written by transgender author; and a really good book!)

Beautiful Music for Ugly Children, Kirstin Cronn-Mills

Dreadnought, April Daniels (also written by transgender author; the first in a series about a transgender superhero)

Rethinking Normal, Katie Rain Hill

Heather Has Two Mommies, Leslea Newman Grades K-5

The Letter Q: Queer Writers’ Notes to their Younger Selves, Sarah Moon  Grades 9-12

Beyond Magenta : transgender teens speak out, Susan Kuklin Grades 9-12

October Mourning: A Song for Matthew Shepard Grades 9-12

Leslea Newman  Grades 9-12

Born on a Blue Day, Daniel Tammet Grades 10-12 (Autobiography of Gay man living with Autism)

The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time, Mark Haddon



5th grade: gender expression, gender identity, vocab (language that is inclusive and not based on sex assigned at birth), suicide prevention within LGBTQ community, gender neutral spaces

6th grade: gender expression, non-binary identity, how you see yourself (how do you connect to your gender-gender spectrum activity), gender dysphoria, family dynamics, support from friends/ allies/family, conflict vs bullying from LGBTQ lens, friends with LGBTQ stereotypes, historical figures incorporating friendships with LGBTQ (MLK), suicide prevention within LGBTQ community (Tyler C being bullied)

7th grade: Drug and Alcohol–stats with use and abuse including LGBTQ youth, unhealthy coping skills vs what to turn to for healthy coping skills

8th grade: Family Life–Family diversity, same-sex relationships, STI/STD for LGBTQ, healthy relationships, intersex, asexual, gender spectrum (ex, gender bending musicians),

9th grade: identifying stressors, coping skills (process of coming out, being out, staying out, being outted), suicide prevention, risk taking behaviors within LGBTQ community, substance abuse, homosexuality is not a mental health issue, mental health disorders: Gender Dysphoria changed in 2013 in DSM, abandonment, homelessness, suicide, mental health, access to safe spaces

10th grade health: drivers ed, licenses (birth certificate bill, third gender option: male, female, x(non binary), trans person: license can reflect what gender you identify with (Babs Siperstein Law, Birth Certificate Bill)

11th grade: mental health, addiction, breaking myths and misconceptions, age-appropriate expansion of grade 9 issues

12th grade: Self awareness and sexuality, varying ways one identifies, mental health and suicide prevention, sexual harassment, domestic violence within same sex relationships, consent (all relationships), age of consent applies to all relationships, healthy relationships and marriage, marriage equality, Windsor, civil unions and limitations of them, healthy relationships for all types, contraceptions/STIs, risk for same sex and opposite sex partners, multiple partners, HIV/AIDS stats across different groups, socioeconomics stats, parenting, different family dynamics, adoptions, in vitro, fertilization, surrogate, (ex, Neil Patrick Harris and husband), second parent adoption, different laws for different states, Kinsey Scale


STEM Resources

2017 National Geographic–gender identity question

Katie Couric national geographic special, culturally specific notions of gender identity (on Natl Geographic chapter)

Queer Modern Day Scientists

Inclusive Ideas for Science Classrooms

LGBTQIA in STEM research guide



LGBT Science and Research Resources


Social Studies Resources