About Us

Our Core Beliefs: LGBTQ Youth should be safe, respected, accepted and celebrated

The Monmouth County Consortium for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender youth is a non-profit organization comprised of educational professionals and community partners who wish to improve outcomes for LGBTQ youth. Together we are better able to pool our resources and provide more opportunities for more youth across our geographic region.

Our robust professional knowledge allows us to provide educational training, resources and ideas to make it better for LGBTQ youth.

Our Promise

All of our programming, past and future, is centered on improving the outcomes for queer and trans+ youth. Our events and initiatives are open to students in Monmouth County and the surrounding region. We promise to connect students, families, educators and allies to people and programs which support their needs and goals.

Foundation Actions: GSA Connection

One of our earliest investments and long term commitments to bring about the change needed was to get our youth involved in Gay-Straight Alliances or Gender-Sexuality Alliances (GSAs) to meet each other and grow their community. If you are a fledgling GSA, looking to re-energize your group or are in the process of getting one off the ground, use the contact form to get in touch. We can help! We’ve got people and information that can be fantastic resources while navigating the start up of a school-based group for LGBTQ students.

Vision & Legacy: Can you help make it better?

We are actively seeking financially sustaining support. We seek one time gift or sustaining donations to support our work with educators and LGBTQ youth.
We also have unique needs for some events. Are you a business who can donate some food or decorations for our teen events on occasion? Are you a group who has access to paper goods for food service? Do you have a fund that is looking to donate to an educational cause and can afford to help us underwrite an author or other educational speaker? Simply put, we need you. Growing our reach and impact depends on volunteer and funded solution. Please visit our contact page or email us at info@makeitbetter4youth.org if you have something — even some of your time — to give to LGBT youth.