Welcome Back!

It’s October now, and many of us are back to school; as students, teachers, or parents of school age children. With that comes the daily drama of social lives and school lunches, after school activities and homework. And for many, the uncertainty of how they will be received in school as a LGBT identified student.

The media has been full of stories relating to our loved ones’ identities, and it is a reminder of the long road yet to be traveled.  New Jersey is making a step in the right direction with implementing the toughest anti-bullying legislation in the country.  Some schools are making progress, and other schools are trying to figure out how to implement the changes. The legislation makes it clear that ANYBODY can report bullying in a school – a parent, friend, teacher, or other concerned individual. Schools MUST have a means to report concerns and incidents.  The  Anti-BullyingLaw_Summary outlines school responsibilities and factors in determining the severity of the situation.

If you or someone you know is experiencing bullying, harassment, or intimidation, report it to your school. If you need support or help, reach out to PFLAG, The Consortium, or your local GSA.